a process to dive into your true vision & create 
from a place of alignment & intention.

The Soul Collective is a gift. It’s my personal method for helping hundreds of clients gain the clarity they require to take their business (and their impact) to the next level.

Through a curated series of reflective questions, you will:

+ Gain greater clarity in yourself, your business and your big vision.
+ Identify the gaps in your process and what you actually require to launch.
+ Learn how to translate you soulful mission to your creative team and into an amazing website.

So turn off your phone, grab a yummy tea and dive into The Soul Collective, today! As a gift from me to you, it is and will always be free

Here are two different versions of the gift
Option 1 is a fillable PDF & Option 2 is a google doc. In both options, just click to download & do a save as.