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Your Iconic Brand is Two Steps Away.

Our branding and website design solutions are transformational because we go deep with each and every one of our clients. After a decade of working with industry leaders, we’ve honed a two-step process that’s guaranteed to take your brand to the next level.


Step 1

Start with: Brand Alignment Session

A brand alignment session ensures that you are building a brand that supports your business strategy and goals. It’s the foundation from which all the creative solutions and ideas flow — that’s why everyone starts here.

The brand alignment session invites you to think critically about your brand on a SOUL level. How you want people to feel, what actions you want them to take, and what solutions you provide are just some of the elements that we uncover.

In one 90-minutes session, we will:

  • Audit your current brand and figure out what’s unclear about your positioning.
  • Identify your dream audience/ customers.
  • Pinpoint your brand’s differentiating factors.
  • Create a clear road map to the next steps for your visual brand

Having clarity in your brand and business is everything. It gives you the knowledge you need to create an intentional experience for your audience. This leads to tremendous impact.

Your investment: $1500

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Once we have the brand foundation in place, you’ll choose from three different packages to create a brand experience that’s truly transformational.

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Step 2

Choose from 3 packages in The Brand Experience

We’ve got an option for every type of business because we believe that your voice and mission matter. Our signature collaborative design process ensures that you get a final product that looks and feels 100% like you.

The “Soul-O” EntrepreneurSoul Themes2 weeks

Created for the solo entrepreneur who needs a new website ASAP, these Soul Theme WordPress templates give you a brag-worthy website that doesn’t break the bank.

In 2 weeks, you’ll start attracting & converting the clients you want, with a website that truly represents YOU.

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Your investment: $4000

The Industry LeaderRP Custom Collaboration4 weeks

The Industry Leader package provides a fully customized visual brand that captures your unique voice, vibe, and mission. With hands-on design that incorporates both user experience and an emotional experience, this package is our most popular.

It’s ideal for small to mid-size businesses who are ready to take their business to the next level.

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Your investment: $10,000+

Collab2-3 Days In Person

This package provides even more hands-on design and collaboration for businesses who want that extra touch of care. Perfect for businesses that are growing fast and/or need a full rebrand to keep up with their ambitious goals, it covers everywhere your brand shows up online.

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Your investment: $15,000+


what’s included


Includes your brand’s typefaces, colors, and overall vibe.


You’ll receive 2 logo options for your brand + their final formats


Each template provides up to six pages with your brand’s content, images, colors, and typeface. The pages included in this package are: home page, about page, services page, blog page, testimonial page, contact page.


You’ll have the guidance of a brand and website expert to make the experience seamless. 


These calls will be scheduled throughout the project for the purpose of visual identity and logo design review, imagery selection for website, website reveal, and developer instructions on how to make edits or changes to site after project completion.

Sample deliverables

  • Soul Collective Process
  • Photoshoot Concepts
  • Website planning
  • Visual Identity
  • Logo design
  • Brand Style Guide

  • custom website design
  • A responsive website
  • Favicon Creation
  • Social Media Package


On these call we collaborate live to 
co-create on your vision. During these sessions we review designs, make live edits or work up an idea that you have live on the call. This is wear the magic happens


Sample deliverables

  • A fully customized experience
  • A larger or more customized Website / Ecommerce
  • Photoshoot Art Direction
  • Campaign / Launch Graphics

  • Custom Lead Magnet Design
  • Social Media Package Plus
  • And more!


On these call we collaborate live to 
co-create on your vision. During these sessions we review designs, make live edits or work up an idea that you have live on the call. This is wear the magic happens


No matter which package you choose, you’ll walk away with a website and brand that tells your story, connects deeply with your ideal audience, and paves the way for your business’s next stage of growth and evolution.

That’s a HELL yes.

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Rachel is a true visual artist. Her output is the lovechild of careful attention to detail, creativity, and passion.

She took my desire to create a movement and translated it perfectly into visceral imagery that compels my audience in ways words cannot. If you know what you want and are ready to ask for it, Rachel will deliver.



Our Super Connector Media brand was pretty non existent when we started working with Rachel.

She helped us create our logo and design our site from scratch! The thing I love most about how Rachel works is how interactive and collaborative the calls with her are. I got to watch her implement designs over zoom in real time so we could work together on every detail. For someone "type A" like myself, that was really helpful. I felt like we were co-creating the vision together and that was super powerful! She is fast, reliable and unbelievably creative. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Rachel for all of your design needs.



Working with Rachel was one of the best decisions of my career and I have worked with so many people before her!

She took my vision and message and through a clear, creative, enjoyable step by step process, she helped create my branding and site that captures the attention of the exact person I want to work with. Rachel will help you find your voice, your flavor and your personal essence that's uniquely yours. If you are ready to do the work and go big, Rachel's process helps you get the heart of your message so you can share it in a big way. I truly feel that after 6 years of having my business, my brand has finally found it's voice and online space to soar and I know my clients feel that energy too.



It was so easy to connect with her and to brainstorm together. I felt like I had a partner to collaborate with me throughout the entire design process.

I would jump for joy when she’d share sneak peeks of the website design. Every email from her felt like Christmas! She got everything I was about and saw more in me than I could have imagined. Rachel was able to help me communicate my vision for the world with such power and beauty.



Rachel is an absolute delight to work with. We have worked on multiple projects together and she is able to adapt her style so each brand design is unique.

Her process is amazing, after discussing our ideas, she designs a site and then we work together to finalize the end product. The live working session (via zoom) is amazing and saves so much back and forth time which often delays projects. She is great at keeping you on task, is organized and gets projects done on time.



Working with Rachel is a breath of fresh air. Her passion for her work breathes into everything she makes, and you can literally FEEL the difference.

What surprised me most about Rachel is how I invited I felt into the design process, being able to see first-hand how together we can make the intangible tangible. If you're even thinking about creating a brand that oozes authenticity and joy, WORK with Rachel.



Rachel totally saved my brand. I could never imagined how beautiful my brand could be until I worked with her.

She is a genius designer, brilliant with color and texture and has a great eye for what business needs. Hire her! I mean, look at my website! The results speak for themselves.



Rachel is incredibly sharp, with no ego and has amazing vision. If you have worked with many designers, as I have, you know this is a rare mixture.

She has exceeded my expectations every single time. The most amazing thing about her is her working style. She is much more like an internal team member as opposed to a contractor. I can tell she is always thinking about the best thing for the business even when I am not. I can’t recommend her highly enough and I feel incredibly lucky to have her expertise in my corner.


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