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  • “Every email from her felt like Christmas! She got everything I was about and saw more in me than I could have imagined. ”

    When I was looking for a web designer for my personal brand, I knew it had to be someone special who really got what I was trying to build. My business partner for Simple Green Smoothies is a art director + designer, so I’m very picky when it comes to design and branding. When I met Rachel, she hadn’t worked with a lot of personal brands at the time. But once I talked to her on the phone, I was sold. It was so easy to connect with her and to brainstorm together. I felt like I had a partner to collaborate with me throughout the entire design process. I would jump for joy when she’d share sneak peeks of the website design. Every email from her felt like Christmas! She got everything I was about and saw more in me than I could have imagined. Rachel was able to help me communicate my vision for the world with such power and beauty. I continue to work with Rachel for design projects beyond just my website because she is an absolute joy to work with. She’s so fun to share ideas with, she’s super quick, and she can pull together the essence of me and my brand story in such a visual way. I know we’ll be working together for years to come!

  • “Rachel is a true visual artist”

    Her output is the lovechild of careful attention to detail, creativity, and passion. She took my desire to create a movement and translated it perfectly into visceral imagery that compels my audience in ways words cannot. If you know what you want and are ready to ask for it, Rachel will deliver.

  • “Working with Rachel is a breath of fresh air.”

    Her passion for her work breathes into everything she makes, and you can literally FEEL the difference. What surprised me most about Rachel is how I invited I felt into the design process, being able to see first-hand how together we can make the intangible tangible. If you’re even thinking about creating a brand that oozes authenticity and joy, WORK with Rachel.

  • Nitika Chopra

    “I wanted something truly ME, but I had no idea how to achieve that.”

    When I decided to do a complete overhaul of my brand and create something new, I was super nervous. I wanted my new site to be a more accurate depiction of myself then I had ever been able to create before. I wanted something truly ME, but I had no idea how to achieve that. After my first conversation with Rachel, I felt more inspired and connected to my brand then ever before and that’s how I knew she was the right person to help me bring it to life. I absolutely love my website, more then I ever thought possible, and I get compliments on it all the time!

  • Kelly McNelis

    “Rachel took us through a streamlined process that allowed us to feel like we were her #1 client.”

    Working with Rachel has been one of the greatest gifts to our company! Her innate genius resides in her ability to understand our vision and create our brand all while staying organized and keeping us on task! We worked with a few designers before her, and there is no comparison. She hit every deadline and guided us through a process to achieve clarity on our vision. Rachel knows the questions to ask to get the brand and site you will love! I also love getting on the phone with her, because I am so excited about what we will co-create together. We will be working with Rachel on all of our design needs for many years to come. She was worth the wait and you will not be disappointed!

  • Kim Anami

    “Her process is inspired, dedicated and focused.”

    Rachel did a fabulous job with the rebranding and creation of my new website.  She was able to pull things our of the air and bring them altogether to birth a site that is a beautiful reflection of me, my brand and my values.

    I would definitely recommend her work to anyone looking to take their vision to the next level, and, even to help you articulate what that is.
  • Bailey Frumen

    Psychotherapist & Lifestyle Design Coach


    “Working with Rachel was so easy. Simply a breeze.”

    Rachel has an intuitive sense about your brand even before you can visualize what you would like to bring into your business. Rachel and I worked together to create a brand that felt authentic and original to me. I’ve recommended Rachel’s genius to many, and will continue to recommend to many more women who want a look and feel that it authentic to you.

  • Lori Harder

    “I truly feel that after 6 years of having my business, my brand has finally found it’s voice and online space to soar and I know my clients feel that energy too.”

    Working with Rachel was one of the best decisions of my career and I have worked with so many people before her!  She took my vision and message and through a clear, creative, enjoyable step by step process, she helped create my branding and site that captures the attention of the exact person I want to work with.  Rachel will help you find your voice, your flavor and your personal essence that’s uniquely yours.  If you are ready to do the work and go big, Rachel’s process helps you get the heart of your message so you can share it in a big way.  

  • Shenee Howard

    “Rachel totally saved my brand.”

    I could have never imagined how beautiful my brand could be until I worked with her. She is a genius designer, BRILLIANT with color and texture and has a great eye for what a business needs. HIRE HER. I mean, look at my website! The results speak for themselves!”

  • Dilan Prema

    “Working with Rachel was one of the best creative collaborations that I’ve ever taken part in.”

    If you want the lethal combination of professionalism, uber creative talent & some soul, she’s the one you want on your team. If you feel that you’re in sync with Rachel’s brand and love her great body of work, you are sure to experience an inspired and effortless space of creation with her. I did and I can’t recommend her enough. Rachel’s creative genius is reflected by how beautiful she is as a person. Looking forward to more collaborations in the future.

    Pro-Tip: When you do work with her, trust her to lead the creative process. You’re in good hands because she’s adept at understanding your brand and executing it into fruition. Rachel’s at her best when you allow her the space to infuse her talents into the project.  

  • “Is it crazy to call Rachel my web design soulmate?”

    Rachel was able to literally read my soul and translate it into a website more beautiful than I could ever imagine possible. Rachel has a delicate way of merging organization and professionalism with sparkle and soul. Anyone lucky enough to work with her will not be disappointed.

  • Greg Williams

    “Rachel helped create the brand identity for one of the most successful grassroots KickStarter-backed films of all-time, The Anonymous People.”

    I credit the fact that the film caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of people in this fast-paced non-documentary centric world to the array of visually attractive and engaging compositions Rachel was able to create for the film.  She dives deep into the story of the brand to discover the humanity, focus, and simplicity needed to tell a clear story quickly.  Some artists have great instincts – an invaluable asset – Rachel has the best visual design instincts of anyone I have ever worked with.  

  • “I launched the 30 Day Calm Mom Challenge for the first time in August, and within 30 days had almost 1,250 mamas from 25 countries world-wide join.”

    Before I hired Rachel, I had done ALL of my own design work, so I was super nervous handing my baby over to anyone else. Well, 4 months and 3 websites later, I’m so happy to say that the answers are yes, yes, and YES, it was all worth it.

    I launched the 30 Day Calm Mom Challenge for the first time in August, and within 30 days had almost 1,250 mamas from 25 countries world-wide join. This grew my list by over 1,000 new subscribers, which was a 245% increase in a month! That sign-up website was just a simple landing page, but with Rachel’s design it had over a 35% conversion rate.

    All of our hard work led to my very first online group program and membership site launch, which had sales of over $6,000 in it’s first running. This program is set to run every 6 months, so my initial investment in web design will be well paid back in the years to come!

    Rachel offering nothing but honest feedback, branding tips and suggestions, and supportive e-mails while I was in the throes and stress of launching. She was so easy to work with, and hit every aggressive deadline that I set with the absolute best work. I would 100% recommend her (and I have been!) to anyone who is really ready to take their work to the next level …. glitter and hearts included!

  • “Working with Rachel was like hiring a business coach as well.”

    The brand simply couldn’t develop without a clear vision. She helped me decipher the best path for me, my business, and my followers. Over the years I’ve developed my own websites and hired inexpensive freelancers. I was tired of feeling like it didn’t look quite quality enough or properly represent me. I was at a place professionally where I was simply ready to work with the best to help me give the best to my followers. I’m thrilled with the result and whenever I look at my branding I’m amazed at how well it represents me.

  • Shauna Bryant

    “She’s able to excitingly pull from you everything you need to build your brand. Seriously”

    She asks the right questions, digs, then asks more questions and picks up on the sweet stuff that are in your own words but that you just couldn’t see. Like getting out of your own way and letting creativity take over. It’s awesome!

    I was just starting in the world of “branding” so I was a little hesitant to jump on board something that seemed like such a huge task (creating my website)! But, Rachel took everything and broke it down to chunks so it was totally easy to do.

    She’s truly the best of the best and I’m so happy to have had her work on my site and ebooks. And I’d definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to create a bad a*s brand and website.

  • Sora Surya No

    “Rachel has a human-centered approach to her work.”

    She cares deeply about her clients and takes time getting to know them, their story and their personality before designing anything. Because of her inquisitive nature, she is able to create a cohesive story around a person, their brand, their website and their marketing materials. Rachel is not only a leading expert in brand design and graphic art but skilled at print work as well. Rachel has the ability to think big and creates a vision for you that you will grow into. If you are looking for not only a designer, but an intelligent and creative partner who will make your concepts come to life, I invite you to work with Rachel.